This is What Happens When You Park Where You Shouldn’t

Brazil is usually known for its soccer, amazing beaches, delicious food and who could forget their fantastic clubs. But we bet you didn’t know it was famous for its amazing social justice. Check out this great video taken of a person who decided to park in a handicapped spot, but definitely didn’t need to. A crowd decided to take justice into its own hands by covering the offender’s car in sticky notes that represented a universal handicap symbol.

Its amazing to watch the  driver somehow figure his way out of  this extremely sticky  and very public situation after parking his car in a disabled parking spot in front of a jeering crowd.

As a parking police officer tries to find the registration on the license plates, the driver can be seen frustratingly throwing away  some of the thousand sticky notes that had been plastered all over his car in a very impressive pattern!

The best part is watching the getaway, he can’t even see out of his windshield or window and he certainly won’t be parking in that spot again.

Its great to watch some much deserved karma take place in a non-violent way. So enjoy as this person got exactly what was coming to them!

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