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Meet the New Child Prodigy: Joey Alexander

Meet the New Child Prodigy: Joey Alexander

One of the most jaw dropping sights in the world is watching a young child play a music instrument – no, not because most kids these days prefer sitting in front of the TV – but 9/10 times these kids put the most talented of adults to shame. Adding to […]

Tribute to the Legend B.B. King, Who Passed Away at 89

Blues legend B.B. King has passed away yesterday in his Las Vegas home at the age of 89. The one-time farmhand brought the blues to a new set of fans around the world and influence millions with his heartfelt vocals and his soaring guitar solos. King sold millions of records […]

TransFatty Lives: An Inspirational Story Waiting To Be Heard

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disorder that involves death of neurons – leading to extreme loss of muscle control and severe pain. It affects each individual differently; sadly, statistics show that up to 90-95% of cases have never been able to determine the […]

This Movie is Creating a TON of Controversy!

Truly outrageous! The first trailer released for the very anticipated upcoming big-screen adaptation of Jem and the Holograms was just released and has already instantly sparked backlash from fans of the hit 80’s cartoon, of the same name. The upcoming live-action (not cartoon like the original) flick takes some creative freedom with […]

Photographer Does This To Photograph Great White Sharks!

The Great White sharks are the one of the most vicious (if not THE MOST VICIOUS) of predators in the ocean; it sits right on top of the ocean with almost no threats in the ocean – unfortunately man’s ability to hunt creatures of the oceans gets in the way. […]

Kanye West Caught Smiling – It’s the Best 5 Seconds Ever

Kanye West the Legend once said, “I think, not smiling makes me smile”; a personality trait most people cannot associate with. Which makes sense after all because things like smiling and laughing are meant for common peasants – not his holiness himself. Come on, has anyone seen a picture of Kanye […]

Does Tina Fey Seriously do THIS on National Television?

Funny woman, Tina Fey does it again. That’s right on Tina Fey’s last ever appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’, she strips down. Yep, you read that correctly. Watch here as Tina hilariously strips down to her Spanx to unveil an awesome message to help commemorate some of […]

Celebs Who Are in Better Shape Post-Baby!

For most women, getting rid of “baby weight” gained after a pregnancy can take anywhere between 4 months to a year. As cute and adorable as babies are, they are like kryptonite when looking good is a necessity of your job. Luckily for celebs, they have access to top tier nutritionists and physical […]

Star Wars: How to Celebrate “May the 4th Be With You” Like a Real Trooper

Watch all the Movies….Again To state the obvious, watching the entire series from Episode I to VI on the 4th is as easy as it gets. Unfortunately, this may not exactly be possible for everyone as it is a work/school day after all – do something nice for yourself and […]

Deaf Musician Follows His Dream Is An Inspiration For All

Being able to pursue your dreams is really a privilege; your life really has to put into the right alignment. Apart from having the desire to meet your goals, you need the proper motivation and be physically and mentally able to learn the necessary skills. Unfortunately, most are often not […]