This Video Proves How Easy It Is to Abduct a Child

This YouTube video was recently released to remind parents that child abductions do happen and that parents need to be vigilant about watching their children, especially in public places. Drawing more than a million views and still climbing since it was posted this Saturday. Its proven to be the effective reminder […]

Man Builds Home for Homeless Woman. Her Reaction? Priceless

  In Los Angeles homelessness is unfortunately nothing new, but it doesn’t mean that people still don’t try and make a difference. Elvis Summers decided to change something in his life, so he built a miniature house for a homeless woman who slept in a patch of dirt on his […]

What a Housewife is Really Worth – 74K!!!

What a Housewife is Really Worth – 74K!!!

The idea of being a stay-at-home mom (or a stay-at-home husband) is one that often catches a lot of heat in today’s society. People either prefer to work or simply think that running a house on only one income is simply unrealistic – especially since economy and number of quality jobs have been low […]

Puppy Pool Parties! That’s Right, They are REAL!

I always feel bad that I can never take my puppy (the only child I want in my life) to 95% of the parties I go to. Leaving him behind to go to work already kills me enough and its worse when I have to leave him behind during my […]

Angry Fans Try to Cancel LGBT Pride Night Met With a Beautiful Answer

Girlfriend of @Athletics star offers to buy tix of fans upset about team's LGBTQ pride night: — KTVU (@KTVU) March 30, 2015 While acceptance of others (and their choices) is the ultimate goal when it comes to living in an ideal society, for some, even being able tolerate […]

Turns Out, One State Fixed Homelessness and its Working

    Homelessness is something that one would never wish upon the worst of enemies. Food, clothes, a roof over one’s head, and basic utilities; these are necessities to sustain a decent life and nobody should ever have to struggle to attain them. It is astounding to know that there are over […]

Crowdfunding Campaigns That Make Living Today The Best Time Ever

Crowdfunding Campaigns That Make Living Today The Best Time Ever

Most of us understand what Kickstarter and Indiegogo are by now and what a wonderful opportunity they bring to creative innovators with lack of financial backing. In our opinion its truly one of the best ways internet is being used today.  It really takes the DIY approach to a whole […]

Hot Topic The Avengers Outfits

The Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out this week and I could not be more excited about it! The sequel would be great even if it is half as good as the first one; the trailers look quite promising so fingers are crossed! Going to movies like the Avengers should […]

This Kid with Autism did this one thing and stunned EVERYONE

A few years back, Stephen Wiltshire became notorious for drawing huge detailed images of cities like New York City with immense amounts of details only after flying over it for thirty minutes; the fact that made the story even more spectacular. It brought the conversation regarding autism to the forefront […]

A College Professor Flunked an Entire Class for This!

A Texas A&M professor was finally fed up with his class’ outrageous behavior, so he did what any teacher would do fail students. He just didn’t fail a few students though, he failed the entire class! He called the students “a disgrace to the school” in an emotional email that […]