Best Fails!

It is seriously strange that we find it okay to laugh at the misery of others – well, we do, and unfortunately it’s going to be a long while till we change. The great Michael Kelso (from That 70’s Show) once said, “it’s funny when friends get hurt;” truer words […]

Climate Change is Seriously Affecting These Species

Climate Change is Seriously Affecting These Species

The Earth has been increasingly getting warmer over the past few decades – and while we may not notice the difference too much, the effects of the rising heat have a drastic impact on the habitats of our friends in the animal kingdom. Here is a list of nine species […]

The Real Life Snake House

What started out as a dream house turned into a nightmare. This seemingly innocent Idaho home turned out to be a Satan’s Lair of snakes! The house has even received the title “the Snake House” from the locals; the family living before the sessions only lasted 3 months before leaving. […]

TransFatty Lives: An Inspirational Story Waiting To Be Heard

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a disorder that involves death of neurons – leading to extreme loss of muscle control and severe pain. It affects each individual differently; sadly, statistics show that up to 90-95% of cases have never been able to determine the […]

Everyone Can Make a Difference. What This Person Does is Amazing!

  A simple act of kindness can change the world, and this one did just that. Several weeks ago, a man eating at Mexican fast-food chain, Qdoba, filmed a video of an employee helping a customer with a disability eat her lunch. Ridge Quarles, who is the employee from Qdoba, […]

Tragedy Strikes Again, Another Earthquake in Nepal

Just when Nepal finally started recovering from the devastating earthquake that  hit a few weeks ago, they were hit again today with one that registered over 7.8. This new earthquake killed dozens of people Tuesday and spread more fear across the already stressed Nepal. The country is still struggling from […]

Ready to Watch Daredevils Scale the World’s 2nd Tallest Building?

We’ve all got a bit of daredevil in us, but I’m pretty sure not to this extent. Watch as Vitaly Raskolov and Wadim Makhorov climbed to the top of the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen, China. We warn you, its a crazy view. We’ve all gone out of our way […]

Can This Image REALLY Break Your Brain ?

Discovered in 1965 by American psychologist Celeste McCollough, The McCollough Effect (ME) is an extremely odd visual perception phenomenon. “The effect normally is induced by having subjects view alternate presentations of orthogonally oriented gratings composed of black and colored lines. Following induction, black and white gratings at different orientations appear […]

New Species Discovered in China!

Fossils of a dinosaur with batlike wings have recently been discovered in China and its estimated to have lived about 160 million years ago (making it is a possible contender to be the first type of bird). Given the name – Yi qi (pronounced yee-chee), the dinosaur belongs to the scansoriopterygids – […]

An Oil Spill Made this Island Disappear in 2 Years!

We are all aware of the devastating effects an oil spill can have on an ecosystem. Often we think of destroyed wildlife, both marine life and birds, but we never really stop to think of what happens to the land. This video shows another side effect of an oil spill, […]