This Film Will Make You See the World Differently

This amazing film produced by husband and wife filmmaking group, The Mercadantes, does an amazing job at exploring just how beautiful the world is around us. They focus on how colors are found everywhere and how they make the world a more radiant place to live. Set to Mozart, watch […]

Why These Two Dogs are the Best of Friends

Its pretty widely accepted knowledge that guide dogs are a huge help to people who suffer from disabilities, especially blindness. Often times without their furry companions, many people wouldn’t have as good a quality of life. But we almost never think of a guide dog helping another dog….until now. Found together […]

Policer Officer Sings Lullaby To Calm a 2 Year Old Accident Victim

Recently in Colorado, two adults and four kids found themselves in a horrific accident; the mishap resulted in the death of a man – the woman and another child were airlifted for emergency care while the remaining were taken to hospital via the ambulance. When emergency personnel respond to fatal […]

Old Folks Talk About Their Tattoos and Why There Are No Regrets

Most young people with “concerned parents” have always been hesitant of getting tattoos in order to avoid disappointing them – when in reality most of these kids tend to really just figure out ways to get them and hide them. People against the the idea of getting tattoos often state that, […]

A promise leads to a prom 7 years later

Delivering a promise is one of the many ways we as people judge character. It really shows if your word can really be trusted. But this is really nothing but grown up talk – or is it? While empty words and broken promises are something most people today are accustomed […]

Proof that Today is Better than Yesterday

With all the negativity we see when we read social media or watch the news, it’s hard not to be cynical about life. While there are horrible things occurring in the world—wars, diseases, and corruption there are positive things happening in the world that make living when we do amazing. […]

Protests Seen Through the Lens of Instagram

Political change has been happening rapidly over the last 50 years and social media has been a growing way to document it. Using social media, protesters have shown that 2014 was a passionate year for people all over the world fighting for justice, peace, democracy, and equality. Here are some of […]

This Idea Might Give You the Creeps but it’s So Amazing You’ll Love it!

This Idea Might Give You the Creeps but it’s So Amazing You’ll Love it!

Death is an inevitable aspect of life. While the idea of not being alive often creates anxiety for many of us, it is one that we must embrace. Unfortunately, the impact your body can have on the world doesn’t end even after your death. Generally, people design a will, plans for a […]

Strange Road Races You Have to Sign Up for this Summer!

Strange Road Races You Have to Sign Up for this Summer!

The Color Run The colour run looks so much fun 😱 I need to go this year 💪💪 #colorrun #2015 #colorrun2015 #plans #2015goals A photo posted by @thegirlwholovestorun on Jan 12, 2015 at 11:42am PST Known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”, the purpose of The Color Run is […]

Organic Really Does Make a Difference. Here’s the Proof.

When discussing organic food pretty much everyone can agree that it’s most likely better for our body than produce sprayed with pesticides. But often price and availability get in the way of going 100% organic everyday. A Swedish grocery chain, Coop, and their agency Forsman & Bodenfors, asked the Palmbergs, a […]