Weather So Hot It’s Melting Roads!

About 1400 lives have been lost to extreme heat in India within a timespan of just over a week. In fact, the heat there is so insane that roads have been “melting”! So how hot is it? Temperatures in many parts of India have reached around 122 °F – that […]

This Social Experiment Proves Words Can Hurt in Any Language

Living in a cynical society has its ups and downs; the ups are that we (many of us) question every piece of information that is given to us, the downs are that we spend our days living through a very negative perspective. This negative perspective is usually directed towards things […]

Do Yourself A Favor And Go For The Cheap Wine

Do Yourself A Favor And Go For The Cheap Wine

In most instances, “you get what you pay for” is very true – but not when it comes to wines! Great news for all you wine lovers out there!  And when we say wine, we do mean just wine; the quality of most other alcohols are directly reflective of how […]

What A Selfie A Day Looks Like for 16 Years

Alaska based artist, JK Keller, decided 16 years ago his project would be to take a selfie once per day, from the same angle for 16 years. The results? Quite interesting. The project not consists of over 5,000 self-portraits, which are not compiled into a mesmerizing 3 minute video. The […]

If Only Half The People Would Do What This 5 Year Old Did For A Homeless Man

Most of us wish we were able to abolish the concept of homelessness – or at least help out somebody in the predicament in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately almost none of us put our thoughts into action. While adults fear (or hesitate) making stand-up decision, kids go about […]

How a Town Saves a Puppy Covered in Tar. Its Unbelievable!

In northern India, a 5-month-old puppy fell into hot tar that was spilled around a construction site, it took 4 long hours but rescuers were eventually able to get him out. Claire Abrams from the animal welfare group, Animal Aid Unlimited, says staff from the charity rushed to the scene […]

What Breakfast Looks Like Around the World

  This is what breakfast looks like from around the world, ranging from eggs and toast to miso soup and fish. Each country celebrates their morning ritual just a little bit differently. While everyone’s breakfast may be diverse, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that its the best meal […]

Best Fails!

It is seriously strange that we find it okay to laugh at the misery of others – well, we do, and unfortunately it’s going to be a long while till we change. The great Michael Kelso (from That 70’s Show) once said, “it’s funny when friends get hurt;” truer words […]

Climate Change is Seriously Affecting These Species

Climate Change is Seriously Affecting These Species

The Earth has been increasingly getting warmer over the past few decades – and while we may not notice the difference too much, the effects of the rising heat have a drastic impact on the habitats of our friends in the animal kingdom. Here is a list of nine species […]

The Real Life Snake House

What started out as a dream house turned into a nightmare. This seemingly innocent Idaho home turned out to be a Satan’s Lair of snakes! The house has even received the title “the Snake House” from the locals; the family living before the sessions only lasted 3 months before leaving. […]