Viral Videos

Does Tina Fey Seriously do THIS on National Television?

Funny woman, Tina Fey does it again. That’s right on Tina Fey’s last ever appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’, she strips down. Yep, you read that correctly. Watch here as Tina hilariously strips down to her Spanx to unveil an awesome message to help commemorate some of […]

Can This Image REALLY Break Your Brain ?

Discovered in 1965 by American psychologist Celeste McCollough, The McCollough Effect (ME) is an extremely odd visual perception phenomenon. “The effect normally is induced by having subjects view alternate presentations of orthogonally oriented gratings composed of black and colored lines. Following induction, black and white gratings at different orientations appear […]

New Species Discovered in China!

Fossils of a dinosaur with batlike wings have recently been discovered in China and its estimated to have lived about 160 million years ago (making it is a possible contender to be the first type of bird). Given the name – Yi qi (pronounced yee-chee), the dinosaur belongs to the scansoriopterygids – […]

An Oil Spill Made this Island Disappear in 2 Years!

We are all aware of the devastating effects an oil spill can have on an ecosystem. Often we think of destroyed wildlife, both marine life and birds, but we never really stop to think of what happens to the land. This video shows another side effect of an oil spill, […]

See Why This Puppy Went Viral

As we all know getting the hiccups can be frustrating, annoying and well just hard to stop. When you are a puppy though, its one of the worst things that can ever happen, as shown here by Buck. Matthew Kennelly posted this video on YouTube of his 8-week-old Heeler pup, named […]

This Video Proves How Easy It Is to Abduct a Child

This YouTube video was recently released to remind parents that child abductions do happen and that parents need to be vigilant about watching their children, especially in public places. Drawing more than a million views and still climbing since it was posted this Saturday. Its proven to be the effective reminder […]

Man Builds Home for Homeless Woman. Her Reaction? Priceless

  In Los Angeles homelessness is unfortunately nothing new, but it doesn’t mean that people still don’t try and make a difference. Elvis Summers decided to change something in his life, so he built a miniature house for a homeless woman who slept in a patch of dirt on his […]

What You Don’t Know About Cinco De Mayo!

Here are some amazing facts about the REAL Cinco De Mayo. Its not just about tequila and guacamole (as much as we love that)! The holiday is rooted in a victory that the Mexican Army had over the French Army and one that they were not supposed to win. The […]

Deaf Musician Follows His Dream Is An Inspiration For All

Being able to pursue your dreams is really a privilege; your life really has to put into the right alignment. Apart from having the desire to meet your goals, you need the proper motivation and be physically and mentally able to learn the necessary skills. Unfortunately, most are often not […]

Pope Francis Accepts Pizza from an Unknown Crowd Member!

One of the best things that has happened to the Catholic Church in modern times is the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the Pope. He has taken the command of the position like a champion. The fact that he is even appreciated by many non-believers sets a great statement. One of […]