Viral Videos

Funniest Vine Compilation of 2014

Vine compilations are amazing.  It’s truly awesome what you can do in such a short video clip.  Check out this Funniest Vine Compilation of 2014.  (Warning) Do not watch this if you are in a quite office.  You will start laughing uncontrollably.  If nothing else put some headphones on for […]

The worst things about Airline Travel…

Comedian Brian Regan gets real with Airline Travel. Caution!!!  Don’t drink anything while watching this video, you may spit it out all over your keyboard…

Very Cute Animals That Can Kill You

The majority of animals are irresistibly cute. But even the cutest of them can inflict enough harm that results in death. This video counts down the top 10 cute animals that can kill you!

Amazing Facts You Don’t Want To Know About

What kills more people, sharks or toasters?  How many bugs do you eat each year?  What happens to your mattress after 10 years of use?  Watch this video for some amazing facts you probably don’t want to know about!

Top 10 Amazing Places On Earth You Won’t Believe Are Real

The world is home to some truly surreal places that we must experience first-hand to believe its authenticity. This video takes a look at the top 10 amazing places on earth you won’t believe are real!  Next time you are planning a vacation, keep some of these spots in mind. […]

You won’t believe what this airline did with his luggage!

Comedian Rhod Gilbert tells his amazing story of everyone’s travel nightmare.  Losing your luggage!  Pack light when you book your next flight!

You Are Eating 1000 Cows

Since 1937, McDonald’s has been making a steady contribution to the American diet. But what started as a US-based burger joint has expanded across the globe, and its varied menu now includes everything from salads to shakes to breakfast sandwiches. But the Big Mac is one beloved meal staple that […]

How To Get A Job In The Video Game Industry

What’s better than playing video games? Getting paid to play them! Learn about all the jobs available in the gaming industry — video game designer, video game programmer, video game producer, technical artist, technical animator — from Anthony Castoro in this Howcast series.

How To Put On Make Up Like A Pro

Makeup can work wonders — especially if you know how to apply it like a pro. In these videos, makeup artist Brittney Rose shares some tricks of the trade, like how to make your nose look smaller; how to make your eyes pop; how to use a crease brush; how […]

How to Look Hot in a Bikini

Learn how to look sexy at the beach with these Howcast videos, which show you how to look hot in a bikini (especially when you emerge from the ocean); how to tie a sarong into a one-strap dress; how to bubble tie a sarong; and how to tie a sarong […]