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10 Things Highly Successful People Do Everyday

We all have trouble getting a jump start to achieving our goals, but these tips from highly successful people really will help! While there may not be a secret formula to achieving your dreams (although we certainly wish there was), there are definitely some things you can start doing today that will […]

Little Girl Sparks Impromptu Dance Party in NYC

This little girl is an amazing reminder that we are all kids are heart. The adorable little girl, who remains unidentified, sparks an impromptu dance-along to a jug band’s performance on a subway platform in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The child can be seen breaking it down to a cover of the Grateful Dead’s […]

How this 99 Year-Old Woman Makes a Difference Everyday

  Meet Lillian Weber, who on her 100th birthday plans to complete her thousandth personalized dress for a little girl in Africa. Nearly every day, Lillian makes a one-of-a-kind dress for a girl she will most likely never meet. “It keeps me going after 99 years” she said. “I don’t know […]

This Pug Loves His Bath Time and it’s Hilarious!

Thanks to being the happiest dog during bath time, Barry the Pug, is now famous. Little Barry makes his case that no other living creature on earth could enjoy bath time as much as he does. Just watch him wiggle with joy and shake his little leg as his owner […]

This is the Ultimate Stupid Dare

This is the ultimate in stupid dares. We all are guilty of letting our friends get the best of us and giving in to their idiotic dares, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. While out on a boat with friends, an Australian man decides to jump off […]

Porcupine Takes on 17 Lions

Caught on camera this little porcupine takes on not 1, but 17 lions. This incredible sight was filmed by Lucien Beaumont, a guide at the Londolzi Game Reserve in South Africa. The porcupine can be seen using its quills to defend itself against 13 lionesses and 4 male lions at the […]

Watch Superstar Brad Pitt Get Super Angry

Watch as comedic genius, Zach Galifianakis, makes super star, Brad Pitt, super uncomfortable in this edition of Between the Two Ferns. Zach’s awkward questions range from “Showers, why don’t you take them?” to “Is it hard for you to maintain a suntan because you live in your wife’s shadow?” and […]

The Hilarious Rendition of The Walking Dead

In spirit of one of the most amazing holidays, Halloween, here is a hilarious version of The Walking Dead created by Bad Lip Reading.  

Italy’s Singing Nun Shocks by Covering this Song

The amazing and talented singing nun from Italy, Sister Christina, is a huge of Madonna (nope not the one you are thinking!). For her first album, set to release the beginning of November, the 26 year old nun has covered Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”. This was the same song that […]

Hack: Dispensing Candy from Your Refrigerator

This man is the new Willy Wonka. Deric Peace kept bragging on reddit that he put candy in his refrigerator’s ice cube dispenser so it would dispense frozen candy (brilliant!), but as all things go on the internet no one believed him. So he did what anyone would do to […]