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Man Walks 21 Miles a Day to Work, What Strangers did for Him is Amazing

It takes James Robertson over 8 hours each day to commute to-and-from work and most of it is on foot. Each day James commutes over 21 miles from Detroit to a nearby suburb to go to work.  That is what we call amazing dedication. Each morning James starts off his commute […]

After Watching this You’ll Never Use a Shovel Again

Since its already been a tough winter and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, we thought we’d share with you the best life hack that will change your snow removal process forever! Whether you are used to getting a daily blanket of snow or it only happens to […]

This Eyewear is Helping Make Blindness History

This new technology is literally changing the way people see and even giving some the ability to get their sight back! According to their website, “eSight makes glasses that combine a camera, display technology, and advanced computing to deliver a real-time video that enables sight for people with vision loss. […]

10 Must Binge Watch Shows (Trailers Included!)

Winter is here and we know that  great entertainment must be found within the confines of your four walls. To keep you busy, we have created a list of shows for you to keep you busy until spring! Some of the shows you may heard of but we hope this is a […]

Interesting Ways to Upgrade Your Traditional Super Bowl Snacks

A Super Bowl game is epic, but the experience of watching the game would remain shorthanded if the food doesn’t match the epicness. Traditionally speaking, most people are okay with the good ol’ wings, beer, and chips, but if you are feeling a little adventurous this time around, one of these […]

Photographer vs. Deadly Seal – See Who Wins!

National Geographic photographers probably have one of the most exciting jobs that exist.  Not only do they get to do what they love for a living, but they also get sent to some of the most amazing and remote places on this planet that most of us could only ever dream […]

If You Could Gain 11 More Minutes of Your Life, What Would You Do?

If you could get 11 more minutes added to your life, what would you choose to do with it? Watch what these people get 11 more minutes of their life back and what they do with it.  

Science Proves That “Nice” Guys Actually Finish First!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “nice guy finish last.” This is a common go-to excuse men tend to use when the girl of their dreams doesn’t reciprocate their feelings.  But if you’ve been using this excuse you might want to check out this video that scientifically shows how “nice” guys – rather […]

Bill Gates Drinks Water From Human Waste to Make the World Better

If you are not familiar with an Omniprocessor, then you have come to the right place; it is a machine that can turn human waste into clean water and electricity. It does so by boiling the waste, the water vapor is then captured and turned into 100% clean-drinkable water. The […]

Stephen Hawking’s Hilarious Interview

In honor of Stephen Hawking’s birthday this week we wanted to share one of the most hilarious interviews we’ve ever seen with the Doctor. Those with no access to HBO can miss out on some great television -like an interview that aired on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. The show is a […]