Viral Videos

You Won’t Believe What Happens When A Baby And A Python Play

You may have seen cute videos of adorable babies playing with cuddly domesticated pets, but our reptilian friends may not be what you could call an ‘ideal playmate’. Check out this video of a 14 month old getting cuddly with a 13 foot python and share your thoughts on how […]

Paralyzed Bride Miraculously Walks Down the Aisle

When Rob Dietrich carried his bride, Tami Martin out of the church that day, she had just finished the most important walk of her life. The walk down the aisle was more important for Tami than most brides, “I walked down the aisle publicly after being told I would never walk […]

Can Your Eyes Predict if You’ll Become Sick?

  Most of us would never think that an eye test can lead to diagnosing an illness like heart disease, but incredibly, your eyes say more than you think. In fact, 1/3 of all known genetic syndromes are linked to the condition of the eye. “The condition of your eyes can […]

Best Science Stories from 2014

Since the end of World War 2, the speed at which our technology advances has multiplied – allowing us to make some serious discoveries that change the way we look at the world. 2014 brought us closer to understanding some details of our past, and some major advances that can lead […]

The Future Is Better Than You Think

Most of us simply cannot understand what somebody who has lost a limb is going though. Can you imagine your life without your arms? Luckily, the advancement in technology in on the verge of solving this problem and will soon allow amputees to get back a part of their life. Les Baugh lost […]

Find Out If You Might be Tone Deaf

Enjoying music is something we often take for granted. Imagine if you were biologically incapable of understanding music; Amusia is the technical term given to “tone deafness” or “beat deafness”. This is a more common condition than people are aware – impacting roughly 4% of the population. People suffering from this condition are […]

It’s a Holiday for the Rest of Us: Festivus

It all started with an episode of Seinfeld that aired in 1997. Frank Costanza was tired of the consumerism that had taken over the December holiday season, so he set up his aluminum pole and on December 23 Festivus was born. The holiday started when George’s father, was out to […]

Kids With Some Real Holiday Cheer

In a time when we assume that most young children tend to be spoiled, this Dad wanted to put that theory to the test. Tim Cocker decided to see just how his kids would react to getting gifts that were not on their Christmas list.  So Tim decided to surprise both […]

The Best Mash-Up of 2014 Viral Videos That Captured Our Attention

This amazing compilation of the best viral videos from 2014 can be watched in just under 7 minutes! French Director, Luc Bergeron, created this fantastic look at 2014 that is nothing short of captivating. Now you don’t have to worry about not seeing everything that went viral in 2014, because this video […]

Take a Crazy Look Back at 2014

Just in case you missed all of 2014, YouTube has created the ultimate mash-up of the best pop culture moments that have happened over the last twelve months. Its been a good year and YouTube’s annual review is certainly worth watching. Watch closely you might recognize some faces who became stars this […]