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This is What Ramen Does to Your Stomach

It’s the quintessential meal for college students, ramen noodles especially the Top Ramen brand. I mean let’s be honest we’ve all eaten a few bowls of ramen at some point in our life, and we aren’t talking about the delicious homemade noodles. We are referring to the store bought instant […]

You Won’t Believe How Much This 77-Year Old Grandma Can Bench

Just thank us, now you don’t have any more excuses on not going to the gym. Meet 77-year old power weight lifter, Willie Murphy, she is not your typical grandmother and is going stronger than ever. Willie is catching a lot of people by surprise with her ability to lift as much as she does, […]

What this Guy Does with Instruments is Amazing!

You Won’t Believe What Happened During this Flight’s Safety Demo!

Southwest travelers thought that their flight was going to be like any other, starting off with the typical boring safety information demo from the flight attendants, but they were wrong. It was flight attendant, David Holmes, fifth flight of the day and he was so sick of his own safety demo, he decided to […]

6 Foods You Should Never Eat

Are you eating these 6 forbidden foods? These foods should taken out of your diet immediately.

92 Year Old War Female Veteran Pilot Flies A Plane After 70 years!

Wanting to fly World War II airplane may almost never be a desire for any one at the age of 92; however such was the case with one veteran of the war. Air Transport Auxiliary veteran, Joy Lofthouse was one of very few women to serve as a pilot during […]

This Social Experiment Proves Words Can Hurt in Any Language

Living in a cynical society has its ups and downs; the ups are that we (many of us) question every piece of information that is given to us, the downs are that we spend our days living through a very negative perspective. This negative perspective is usually directed towards things […]

This Dog Does Something Adorable!

Life without dogs is one that I simply cannot imagine. Cute little balls of fur doing the most adorable things – there is nothing better in life. Posted below is a clip of one of such adorable puppies – it’s a dog that LOVES eating corn! Personally, I always put […]

Freaky Floating Hat Show – The Mix of Contortionism and Magic Will Blow Your Mind

Freaky Floating Hat Show – The Mix of Contortionism and Magic Will Blow Your Mind

Freaky flexibility and magic tricks; the combination of these two make for some of the best street entertainment you will ever see. The gentlemen seen in the video come from South Africa and are very popular amongst the locals – they go by the name the Skeleton Pantsula Crew and […]

If Only Half The People Would Do What This 5 Year Old Did For A Homeless Man

Most of us wish we were able to abolish the concept of homelessness – or at least help out somebody in the predicament in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately almost none of us put our thoughts into action. While adults fear (or hesitate) making stand-up decision, kids go about […]