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This is One Pool Party Guest You Don’t Want to Have

Summer is officially here so that means its time to hop in a pool and cool off during those warm sunny days. Well, usually pool parties only apply to humans but not at the Single Vision Wildlife sanctuary in Florida. Home to lions, tigers, bears, and other endangered species who […]

Why These Two Dogs are the Best of Friends

Its pretty widely accepted knowledge that guide dogs are a huge help to people who suffer from disabilities, especially blindness. Often times without their furry companions, many people wouldn’t have as good a quality of life. But we almost never think of a guide dog helping another dog….until now. Found together […]

Policer Officer Sings Lullaby To Calm a 2 Year Old Accident Victim

Recently in Colorado, two adults and four kids found themselves in a horrific accident; the mishap resulted in the death of a man – the woman and another child were airlifted for emergency care while the remaining were taken to hospital via the ambulance. When emergency personnel respond to fatal […]

Old Folks Talk About Their Tattoos and Why There Are No Regrets

Most young people with “concerned parents” have always been hesitant of getting tattoos in order to avoid disappointing them – when in reality most of these kids tend to really just figure out ways to get them and hide them. People against the the idea of getting tattoos often state that, […]

A promise leads to a prom 7 years later

Delivering a promise is one of the many ways we as people judge character. It really shows if your word can really be trusted. But this is really nothing but grown up talk – or is it? While empty words and broken promises are something most people today are accustomed […]

Did We Reach Pluto?

Launched in 2006, the New Horizons spacecraft is taking mankind’s vision further with each passing second. Now categorized as a Dwarf Planet, Pluto was once known as the farthest planet in our solar system. Extending mankind’s reach to Pluto was something our ancestors could never imagine. The fact that something […]

Proof that Today is Better than Yesterday

With all the negativity we see when we read social media or watch the news, it’s hard not to be cynical about life. While there are horrible things occurring in the world—wars, diseases, and corruption there are positive things happening in the world that make living when we do amazing. […]

These are the Most Toxic Places on Earth

These are the Most Toxic Places on Earth

Over the last 100 years or so, humanity has made astounding technological advances at an overwhelming pace. These advances in science and technology may have made our lives easier and more exciting, but the trail of waste we have left (and still continue to leave) behind is simply horrendous. Pollutants of […]

Never Before Seen Images of the Sun! Thanks NASA

NASA has just celebrated 5 year anniversary of their “Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which provides incredibly detailed images of the whole sun 24 hours a day.” The observatory captures images of beautiful explosions occurring on the sun; a sight that makes living in 21st century an even bigger privilege! The […]

Man Helps Strangest Creature Cross Road and You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next!

This man literally stopped what he was doing to help one of the world’s slowest creatures cross the road! Sloths are nutritiously slow creatures and this one was no exception. This little sloth somehow made it to a busy road and then attempted to cross it, which could have taken a […]