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Giant Alien Blob Encountered in Turkey

Giant Alien Blob Encountered in Turkey

A diver off the coast of Turkey was in the waters of his hometown of Fethiye, when he and his friends encountered a mysterious blob drifting approximately 72 feet below the surface. The seasoned divers had no idea what to make of the giant blob, that was about 13-feet wide, soft […]

Man Bursts Out of Giant Water Balloon

Ever wonder what it would be like to relax in a giant water balloon? Well we’ve have your answer and its just in time for the super hot part of the summer. A sunny, not summer day is the perfect time to have a water balloon fight with your friends, […]

Famous Surfer Fights Off Shark

Famous Surfer Fights Off Shark

World famous surfer, Mick Fanning, escapes shark attack. A surfing competition in South Africa was cancelled when a surf competition almost turned deadly. Mick Fanning escaped a shark attack in the opening minutes of the final heat. Organizers of the J-Bay Open, the 6th stop on the Samsung Galaxy World […]

When a Homeless Man Does this Everyone is Speechless

We often carry around many preconceived notions about homelessness as a society, we often don’t think of these people, as real people. These people once were someone’s child or brother or sister, they held jobs, had hobbies and fell in love. Donald Gould, a 51-year-old homeless former U.S Marine, played […]

This is What Happens When You Park Where You Shouldn’t

Brazil is usually known for its soccer, amazing beaches, delicious food and who could forget their fantastic clubs. But we bet you didn’t know it was famous for its amazing social justice. Check out this great video taken of a person who decided to park in a handicapped spot, but […]

Little Girl Pulls Her Own Tooth With a Bow & Arrow!

Armed with a bow, arrow and some string this little girl takes pulling her tooth into her own hands. She fearlessly attaches a string to her already loose tooth to turn her loose tooth into some money from the tooth fairy. Its something we all remember, that one tooth that […]

These Videos Will Change Your Mind About Sharks

In honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel starting yesterday, we found some of the most amazing shark videos available online. If these videos don’t make you think twice about getting into shark infested waters, we don’t know what will.   This attack took place off the coast of […]

Most AMAZING Octopus Has Case of the Blues!

This octopus does the most extraordinary thing, watch him go from completely hidden to a giant blue blog in under 10 seconds! Jonathan Gordon was diving in the Caribbean when he happened to come along this amazing creature, completely by accident! Most octopuses are masters of camouflage, but when danger […]

Make Tequila in 6 Easy Steps

In recent years tequila has taken a hold of American hearts and it seems to be everywhere. Its the “new vodka” on drink menus in LA, NY and Miami and has quickly spread to the rest of America. And people aren’t drinking it just in margaritas, but often as a […]

This Film Will Make You See the World Differently

This amazing film produced by husband and wife filmmaking group, The Mercadantes, does an amazing job at exploring just how beautiful the world is around us. They focus on how colors are found everywhere and how they make the world a more radiant place to live. Set to Mozart, watch […]