If These 10 Deadly Insects Don’t Creep You Out Nothing Will

The relationship between man and insect may be hard to understand just like most things in nature, they creep us out and we have to put up with them! But insects do have their role to play when it comes to our existence, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our differences! Although small in size, insect attacks can have big consequences and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here is a list of the top 10 insects that are known to cause sheer devastation to humans.

#10 Driver Ants (Siafu)


With colonies that are up to 22 million strong (largest colony for any insect), the Driver Ants are a type of army ants. These ants are larger in size than most ants and are known to cause devastation upon its enemies; can you image a fight between millions of soldier ants and well, anybody else. Roughly 20-50 deaths are reported each year due to asphyxiation. These ants are especially a menace when they go through food storages; they pillage anything and everything in their way.

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Top 10 Most Deadly Insects

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