Three Simple Solutions To Shedding Pounds


There are few secrets when it comes to the basics of how to lose weight.

But, for a task whose fundamentals are so basic and so universally recognized,

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slimming down is a goal that eludes a great many adults.  What are the surest ways to shed pounds?

The big two are known across the globe: Diet and exercise. The third key, though, is one that everyone will need in order to accomplish their mission of sticking to the first two—discipline.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. It’s good for you, and it has neither a calorie nor a gram of sugar or fat. If you drink milk, drop down a notch from what you’re used to drinking: If you drink whole milk, reduce that to 2 percent milk, if you like 2 percent, drink 1 percent instead.

As far as diet is concerned, reducing the amount of sugar, fat and sodium in your diet will go a long way toward reducing your weight. You might be eating less fat and less sodium and still have trouble losing weight. In that event, pay special attention not only to what you eat, but to what you drink. Sugar and/or corn syrup is such a prevalent ingredient in so many of our beverages that even if we’re minding our diets by cutting down on the burgers, fries, salty chips and sweet desserts, we might still be failing at fat-loss by continuing to drink sugary sodas and fruit drinks.

In terms of exercise, aerobic activity like swimming, walking, jogging or bicycling is great for cutting calories, and it’s beneficial to your cardiovascular system, too. If you really don’t like to sweat, go for a walk. If you live close to a downtown area, walk to town instead of driving. Dedicate yourself to at least a half-hour of exercise a day. And if you’re stuck behind a desk in an office five days a week, make sure you frequently get up, stretch your legs, walk around and get your blood circulating.

Whatever steps you take in terms of either diet or exercise to embark on a weight-loss program, you’re going to need something else: Commitment. It takes a world of self-discipline to push yourself to exercise every day, or to push away that second piece of pie for dessert, or that salty bag of potato chips to accompany your noontime sandwich.

Remind yourself that achieving goals takes discipline. Shedding pounds is as much about having the right attitude as it is about eating the right food or partaking in the right amount of physical activity.

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