Most Instagrammed State: Hawaii

If spending time in paradise is on your bucket list, then you get yourself to Hawaii. Breathtaking beaches, mountains, waterfalls, caves, sunrises and sunsets will leave you with one thought “why did I not come here earlier?” Oh, and the food….to say that “you’re in for a treat” would be […]

Unbelieveably Amazing Chalkboard Art

We are surrounded by art and sometimes we don’t even realize it. From classic masterpieces to mind-altering abstract work, there are works of art all around us. Chalkboard art, however, doesn’t usually get noticed by most galleries. Most of us never really look at a chalkboard and see it for anything […]

Photographer vs. Deadly Seal – See Who Wins!

National Geographic photographers probably have one of the most exciting jobs that exist.  Not only do they get to do what they love for a living, but they also get sent to some of the most amazing and remote places on this planet that most of us could only ever dream […]

How to travel (the world) on a small budget

How to travel (the world) on a small budget

We all wish that we could spend more time travelling, especially to places we’ve never been before. Not being able to travel enough is often a regret many share on their deathbeds. If asked, “why don’t’ you travel more often?” the majority of the answers involve financial constraints. Fortunately you […]

How Wolves Changed the Rivers in Yellowstone Park

This video will forever shatter your view of predatory animals, especially, wolves. This experiment may be the most important conservation project that occurred in our century and could possibility affect animals around the world. In an attempt to help increase all animal species in Yellowstone National Park, scientists decided to try something […]

These Photos will Change Your Perspective on Life

Most of our time is spent at school, work, or stuck in traffic and we often never get to fully experience the magic of living on this planet. With all the sunsets, sunrises, landscapes, caves, and rivers, there are so many amazing locations on earth worth visiting that will completely change […]

Top 10 Amazing Places to Add to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Visiting the below cities are a must for every traveler’s bucket list and are some of the most Instagrammed places in the world. These ancient wonders have often been described as ‘life changing’, ‘spiritual’ and just flat out ‘awesome’. Regardless of the shape these places are in, being in presence of […]

The Most Over-the-Top Holiday Decorations

With the holidays upon us, it seems like everyone is given the green light to go wild with decorations. For many putting up decorations may just be a custom, but for other people it’s a chance to show the entire neighborhood who has the most holiday spirit. While some folks tend […]

Unbelievable Adventure Pictures Caught on Instagram

  Often times life takes over and we forget about the great adventures this world has to offer. Stuck between busy lifestyles and priorities, we miss out on activities that allow us to bring out our inner-daredevils. To get inspired, we went on Instagram in hopes of finding some fellow […]

25 of the Creepiest Sea Creatures on Earth

Its hard to believe that these species of fish really do exist. These are by far the most bizarre, creepy and scary sea creatures that swim through our waters. Many of these natural wonders have never been seen because of how deep they live in the oceans. It seems like the general […]