Make Tequila in 6 Easy Steps

In recent years tequila has taken a hold of American hearts and it seems to be everywhere. Its the “new vodka” on drink menus in LA, NY and Miami and has quickly spread to the rest of America. And people aren’t drinking it just in margaritas, but often as a […]

Did We Reach Pluto?

Launched in 2006, the New Horizons spacecraft is taking mankind’s vision further with each passing second. Now categorized as a Dwarf Planet, Pluto was once known as the farthest planet in our solar system. Extending mankind’s reach to Pluto was something our ancestors could never imagine. The fact that something […]

Five of the Scariest Places in the United States

Watch as we walk you through the 5 scariest places in the United States. Even though the US isn’t as old as some countries around the world, its a hotbed of ghostly activity in part because of our violent and turbulent past.

Protests Seen Through the Lens of Instagram

Political change has been happening rapidly over the last 50 years and social media has been a growing way to document it. Using social media, protesters have shown that 2014 was a passionate year for people all over the world fighting for justice, peace, democracy, and equality. Here are some of […]

You Won’t Believe What Happened During this Flight’s Safety Demo!

Southwest travelers thought that their flight was going to be like any other, starting off with the typical boring safety information demo from the flight attendants, but they were wrong. It was flight attendant, David Holmes, fifth flight of the day and he was so sick of his own safety demo, he decided to […]

Why People Are Carrying Off This Lion Will Shock You!

Horrendous pain in our mouths due to dental issues is one most of us can relate to. Apart from the pain one feels from chewing food, such situations are aggravating enough to cause emotional agony as well. Our animals friends in the nature also feel this torment. Sadly for them, […]

This Device is Going to Change the Way We Sleep on Planes!

Anyone that regularly relies on air travel knows what a pain sleeping (on a flight) can be. Boeing has recently patented an idea that may be able to tackle this issue – it is currently being referred to as the “cuddle seat”. The idea is to strap yourself into a […]

After Watching This You’ll Want to Travel Here Immediately

France, Spain, England, and Germany are the most common places that come up when asked, “What country would you love to visit the most in Europe?” Austria is almost never in anyone’s top 5. Well, it’s time we help change this. Even after being at the brunt of two World Wars, […]

Quokka: The Ultimate Selfie Buddy

While rodents aren’t normally considered cute or cuddly, some people have a soft spot for them. Many people share their homes with rats, ferrets, chinchillas, etc. and once you get accustomed to the idea, you can actually understand the deep connection that can develop with these creatures! Added to the […]

Take a Trip to India with AMAZING Instagram Photos

In recent years, with the inclusion of Indian actors and settings in Hollywood movies has brought India to the limelight. Because many Indians have established communities all over the world, getting a little taste of its culture is not too difficult for people living in other countries. But, you will […]